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At Estate Jewellery, our expert appraisers provide all types of jewellery valuations. The most common types are

  • Insurance Valuation

An insurance replacement valuation considers the current retail replacement price plus a small premium for escalation. Most insurance companies will settle claims only for accurately described jewellery items listed on a valuation document. A valuation is evidence of ownership and gives the replacement value of a new or antique piece should it be lost, stolen or damaged.

  • Probate/ Estate Valuation

A probate valuation assists the executor of an estate in the calculation of estate duty. It represents the value that is likely to be obtained in an urgent sale.

  • Family Division Valuation

This valuation can assist in property division in the event of divorce or separation or in the distribution of assets according to a will.

Our state of the art appraisal software allows for the secure cloud storage of valuations and for easy and accurate updates.

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