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Gold and Platinum Jewellery

Gold and Platinum Jewellery

Gold as a precious metal is used widely in making jewellery items. This metal is preferred over others for jewelry pieces for various reasons. One important reason for its popularity is that it does not react with atmospheric moisture and therefore, it does not rust. Gold jewellery suits people of all ages and comes in a wide variety of designs. Since gold is very malleable, it can be shaped into many designs and patterns and for this reason, jewelry manufacturers also value gold.

Gold makes a woman feel beautiful and confident. In many customs and traditions, weddings are considered incomplete without gold: gold jewelry is an essential part of the ceremony. Gold is widely used for many occasions, including religious ceremonies, as well as award ceremonies.

Gold has adorned the royal treasures of many dynasties; it has been used as a tasteful metal to make exquisite jewelry items. Even today, gold items inspired from the past are very popular. Diamonds, rubies and sapphires are used extensively in gold jewelry.

Gold does not react with any other elements, and it is essentially non-allergenic. Gold will generally be marked 18K, 14K or 10K. The K stands for karat and it is a measure of the percentage of gold in the metal. Jewellery made of pure gold is very soft and is not generally used for daily wear. Mixing gold with various other metals makes it very durable and increases the possibilities for its use, as well as the variety of items that can be made with it.

The color of gold varies according to the alloys with which it is mixed; it can be yellow or white, and is termed yellow or white gold. The incorporation of copper makes gold appear reddish. The incorporation of silver gives it a greenish hue. The very famous white gold incorporates palladium and silver. White gold provides a wonderful option for those who do not like yellow gold or think that it is too flashy.

The best part is that gold never goes out of style: trends and designs change, but gold continues to be one of the most popular precious metals. Gold can easily be molded into any shape and the metal can be manipulated as desired by the jewelry manufacturer.

Of all of the metals, gold jewellery is certainly recognized as having ageless value. It has been around for centuries, and is still the most popular metal with a value that continues to rise from one generation to the next.

Platinum is a naturally white precious metal and has several properties that make it a preferred jewellery material. Among the main advantages of using platinum for jewellery are its strength and resistance to tarnish, both of which make it the ideal setting for diamonds and other gemstones. Many consumers also appreciate the rarity and durability of platinum, while its density offers a satisfying, weighty feel.

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